Fruity King consists of enterprising people who have a passion for the best nature has to offer: fruit! We like to have you enjoy fruit juices, made from the best fruit, in the most delicious and diverse flavours, at any time of the day.

This mission forms the foundation of everything we do:

  • Sourcing to the best fruit that nature offers. Only the best fruit is good enough.
  • Development of our brands that play an important role in society.
  • Clear agreements with our growers regarding origin, manner of growing and transporting. In other words: respecting nature.

Passion for fruit and juice

Fruity King is located in Barendrecht with our own product location where fresh juices are produced daily. At this location you will also find our marketing, sales, logistics and research & development departments. The other juices are produced at a different location. Since 1992 we have been processing approximately 20 different fruit varieties into juice on a daily basis and this makes us one of the largest fruit juice producers in the Netherlands. Our juices can be found in the refrigerated section of most supermarkets, but also in all large company and school catering locations, in restaurants, tearooms, amusement parks, hotels, beach clubs and at petrol stations.


It is our experience that people know increasingly better what they like and they have constantly higher requirements regarding quality, origin & freshness, flavour, enjoyment and a healthy lifestyle; core values that are the guiding principles for Fruity King in everything we do. People make increasingly conscious choices for brands they can identify with. That is why we offer valuable brands in fruit juices for people with specific wishes. With our brands we want to become the European market leader and your personal favourite.

People and production process

Our employees have a passion for fruit and the enthusiasm to always come up with new, surprising products or ideas. This is something we encourage. In addition to this we feel a great responsibility for treating your environment and nature correctly. Getting results is important but this in an open and respectful manner for man and nature. In this way we are continuously building a sustainable business and this with great pleasure.