If you know what you want, you just go for the most delicious juices and smoothies of the fruit lab.The fruit lab is a brand from fruitlovers for fruitlovers. Fruitlovers choose for pure fruit, freshly squeezed and just the best quality. The fruit lab is made of the most tastiest fruit in the world, 100% fresh and has no additives.

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Bulk consumption packaging

The fruit lab is the brand that juice enthusiasts enjoy every day, both at home and outside. Especially for the hospitality business (i.e. hotels, restaurants, caf├ęs), Fruity King delivers the fruit lab juices and smoothies in bulk consumption packaging.

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Consumer packaging

The fruit lab 250 ml is available in a unique bottle. The unique fruit- and tastecombinations are symbolized by numbers. Every taste has it's unique number. Change of season means change of flavour. The fruit lab gives a number on the scale from 1 to 9 for the intensity of sweetness, sourness and bitterness. By every new fruitseason and consequently possible changements in taste, the label of the fruit lab will be adjusted. The fruit lab 250 ml is available in 6 juices and 2 smoothies.

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